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Uploaded kbd 0.92-3 (alpha) to master

Format: 1.5
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 16:48:30 +0100
Source: kbd
Binary: kbd
Architecture: alpha
Version: 0.92-3
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: mdorman@debian.org
 kbd        - Linux console font and keytable utilities.
 kbd (0.92-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * (debian/rules) General cleanup of the Makefile.
   * (debian/rules) Install the doc directory in /usr/doc/kbd. (Fixes #7929)
   * (debian/rules) Install all the READMES from the font and keymap directories
                    in /usr/doc/kbd instead of /usr/lib/kbd. (Fixes #7929)
   * (debian/rules) Install utflist in /usr/doc/kbd. (Fixes #7929)
   * (debian/rules) Install showfont as shfont as documented. (Fixes #7929)
   * (debian/rules) Do not install the ethopian Agafari fonts, since their
                    distribution is restricted. (Fixes #7933)
   * (debian/rules) Do not install vcs.4 manual page, because it is already
                    provided by manpages. (Fixes #7950).
   * (debian/kbdconf)    Changed LIBDIR to /usr/share.
   * (Makefile)     Changed DATADIR to /usr/share.
   * (src/Makefile) build MISC programms and install as well as SHCMDS.
   * (src/loadkeys.y)    Added missing "#include <errno.h>" for glibc2/libc6.
   * (src/loadunimap.c)  Added missing "#include <errno.h>" for glibc2/libc6.
   * (src/resizecons.c)  Added "#include <sys/perms.h>" for glibc2/libc6.
                         Do not include <linux/termios.h> and <linux/types.h>
                         when compiling under glibc2/libc6.
   * (src/getkeycodes.c) Added missing "#include <errno.h>" for glibc2/libc6.
 3a0f526ad9714867d2765b6c24e8d6da 335482 base required kbd_0.92-3_alpha.deb

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