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Uploading adduser 2.14 (Utilities to add users and groups to the system.)

Good day folks,

This is an interim release of adduser.  Guy Maaor remains as the
maintainer of adduser.

I have stepped forward and re-packaged adduser because it's an
essential package and the only one that doesn't support shadow
passowrds that shall be included into Debian GNU/Linux 1.3.

This release addresses severeal bugs which will be closed together
with this upload/mail: 5168, 6584, 7312, 7482, 7547.

-- Begin Changes --


Date: 24 Feb 97 11:13:49 UT
Format: 1.5
Distribution: unstable
Binary: adduser
Source: adduser
Architecture: source i386
Version: 2.14
Maintainer: Guy Maor <maor@debian.org>
Description: Utilities to add users and groups to the system.
 Adduser can be invoked either as "adduser" or "addgroup" by
 the system administrator or by a batch job to add users and
 groups to the system. This program can also be used to add
 an existing user to an existing group.
 Adding users with "adduser" is usually better than adding them
 by hand, since the new user's UID and GID are automatically
 selected, a home directory is created, skeletal user configuration
 files are copied to the new directory, and an initial password and
 finger information are set. The whole process can be customized by
 running a user defined script on adding a user.
Priority: High
 8bb2d59ed08dc428dd5fbbd2db886835 198 base high adduser_2.14.dsc
 4db96c333e7108b47b4d427109930e68 38365 base high adduser_2.14.tar.gz
 8c7e87c84dbf117733e62a9e7edd2ea5 20512 base high adduser_2.14_all.deb
 * Made adduser work together with shadow passwords (Bug#6584)
 * Corrected manpages
 * Corrected call to debstd, doesn't provide package name on cmdln
 * Corrected delgroup (Bug#7312, Bug#7482)
 * Set Architecture to 'all' and renamed directory (Bug#7547)

Version: 2.6.2i


-- End Changes --

Have a pleasant beginning of the week,


PS: As usual first in ftp.infodrom.north.de in /pub/people/joey/debian/

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