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Update libc5 packages

Be sure to read /usr/doc/libc5/FAQ.gz.  There is a new and better way
to work around programs with malloc-related problems.  Libgnumalloc is
still provided, but may be dropped in a future version.

I forgot to put it in the changelog, but this version also changes the
.shlibs file so make us less susceptible to dependency problems.


Date: 14 Jan 97 21:04 UT
Format: 1.6
Distribution: stable unstable
Urgency: Low
Maintainer: David Engel <david@debian.org>
Source: libc5
Version: 5.4.20-1
Binary:  libc5 libc5-dev libc5-dbg libc5-pic localebin
Architecture:  i386 source
 libc5: The Linux C library version 5 (run-time libraries).
 -  Includes shared libraries needed to run programs built with libc 5.
 libc5-dev: The Linux C library version 5 (development files).
 -  Includes libc headers, kernel headers (v2.0.28) and static 
 -  libraries.
 libc5-dbg: The Linux C library version 5 (debug files).
 -  Includes a static libraries compiled with debugging info.
 libc5-pic: Kit for building specialized versions of the shared C library.
 -  This installs an archive of C library object modules, /usr/lib/libc5-pic.a,
 -  compiled as position-independent code. This archive can be used to build
 -  specialized versions of the run-time-shared C library. It is almost
 -  identical to /usr/lib/libc.a except that it is compiled in PIC.
 -  You won't need this unless you are designing a custom boot floppy
 -  or an embedded system.
 localebin: The locale binaries of the Linux C library version 5.
 -  These binries are needed to compile the locale file to work with libc
 -  version 5.4.0 and higher.
 Updated to new upstream version.
 Updated to kernel 2.0.28 headers.
 c438029c7163b026daa74c5252630530  2318639  -   libc5_5.4.20-1.tar.gz
 7da1e54782c3802c17d66d335359ec18  9686  -   libc5_5.4.20-1.diff.gz
 4f0d88230b6dd6a76e0e9bafffc54bc7  255168  base  required  libc5_5.4.20-1_i386.deb
 3e49d2afe0c942b71df0f2bfae716a1c  856578  devel  standard  libc5-dev_5.4.20-1_i386.deb
 873c7b68f81e377f2e8bc977e0c3ae07  1189542  devel  optional  libc5-dbg_5.4.20-1_i386.deb
 35d5d468422f7d4428310b8b908f84e2  849222  devel  extra  libc5-pic_5.4.20-1_i386.deb
 a8f0e9e96dfa5aec91964865c3dbad01  44820  devel  optional  localebin_5.4.20-1_i386.deb

David Engel                        Optical Data Systems, Inc.
david@ods.com                      1001 E. Arapaho Road
(972) 234-6400                     Richardson, TX  75081

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