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Re: kernel-{source,image,headers}-2.0.27-2 released

On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, Sven Rudolph wrote:

> Please note that kernel-image now contains the drivers for the
> proprietary CD-ROM imterfaces as modules, so you have to load them,
> e.g. in /etc/modules.
Perhaps that explains why my cd-rom, disk-drives and sound card stopped
working when I used the new kernel. Can someone please explain to us how
to upgrade from 2.0.0 to 2.0.27 and have everything working as before. I
thought that was the whole point of Debian system that one can upgrade the
system without much fuss. Now I am a little bit disappointed that I cannot
simply upgrade my system. Can someone write a short list of what I need
(and hopefully many other new Debian users) to upgrade to the new 2.0.27.
If everything was compiled in (cdrom, modem, floppies etc) how do I get
them to work in 2.0.27?

thanks in advance

D.J. Mashao,                         mashaodj@sunserver.engin.brown.edu, 

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