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Re: X and also cdrom

On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, System Account wrote:

> hello all
> 	Is there a way that 2 X sessions can be run from the same console?
> I'm running Xdm with the fvwm window-manager. There is one other who is
> using this console and we both have different setups.

Please have a look at .Xsession, .xinitrc and .fvwmrc which may reside in 
your individual home. You may even start two xdm with different settings
e.g. color depth at once.

> 	Also i have a Creative Labs Soundblaster (value cd 4x ;Model
> MK4062) which is S: in DOS :/. I believe it is compatable but i just can

What do you mean with 'S: ind DOS'
The soundblaster driver has to be compiled into the kernel. The sound
capabilites are part of the sound section. The ide interface is part of
other cdrom/non-atapi/non scsi section.

-- martin

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