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Re: UPLOAD: kernel-package_3.03_all

>>"Chris" == Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> writes:

Chris> Shouldn't kernel-image be required?  I think only the essential
Chris> flag forces a --force option to purge.  optional is too low for
Chris> something as essential as the kernel!

	Umm, I just made this change to reflect what the over rides
 file says. The prerm script of the kernel-image package will not
 allow a running image to be removed, and if the image being removed
 is not the same image that is currently running, then they must have
 another image [viz, the one that is running].

	I, too, felt uneasy when this was first decided, but have
 since convinced myself that indeed, this would work, and allow people
 to switch to custom kernels easily (without troubling the new comers)

 Do not underestimate the value of print statements for debugging.
Manoj Srivastava                                     <srivasta@datasync.com>

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