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Format: 1.5
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 00:54:46 +0000
Source: XFree86
Binary: xserver-mach64 xserver-vga16 xserver-s3 xfntscl xslib xmanpages xlib6 xext xfnt75 xserver-svga xfntpex xserver-mach8 xfntcyr xserver-8514 xlib6-dev xfnt100 xnest xfntbig xbase xserver-mono xserver-p9000 xbooks xserver-w32 xserver-s3v xserver-mach32 xfntbase xserver-agx
Architecture: source all i386
Version: 3.2-0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Stephen Early <sde1000@debian.org>
 xbase      - Local clients and configuration required by X
 xbooks     - General X Window System documentation
 xext       - Extensions to X servers
 xfnt100    - 100dpi fonts for X servers
 xfnt75     - 75dpi fonts for X servers
 xfntbase   - Standard fonts for X servers
 xfntbig    - Large fonts for X servers
 xfntcyr    - Cyrillic fonts for X servers
 xfntpex    - Minimal fonts for PEX support in X servers
 xfntscl    - Scalable fonts for X servers
 xlib6      - Shared libraries required by X clients
 xlib6-dev  - Include files and libraries for X client development
 xmanpages  - Manual pages for X developers
 xnest      - Nested X server
 xserver-8514 - X server for 8514/A-based graphics cards
 xserver-agx - X server for AGX-based graphics cards
 xserver-mach32 - X server for Mach32-based graphics cards
 xserver-mach64 - X server for Mach64-based graphics cards
 xserver-mach8 - X server for Mach8-based graphics cards
 xserver-mono - X server for mono graphics cards
 xserver-p9000 - X server for P9000-based graphics cards
 xserver-s3 - X server for S3-based graphics cards
 xserver-s3v - X server for S3 ViRGE and ViRGE/VX-based graphics cards
 xserver-svga - X server for SVGA graphics cards
 xserver-vga16 - X server for VGA graphics cards and X server setup program
 xserver-w32 - X server for W32-based graphics cards
 xslib      - Statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib
 XFree86 (3.2-0) unstable; urgency=LOW
   * New upstream version
   * Converted to new source package format
   * xlib package renamed to xlib6
   * xdevel package renamed to xlib6-dev
   * New package: xbooks
   * New binary package: xserver-s3v
   * New binary package: xext
   * New X library dependency policy:
     new X packages should depend on xlib6 >=3.2-0
   * xlib6 no longer provides xR6shlib or xlibraries
   * libraries now built with -rpath-link $(BUILDLIBDIR)
     (will take advice about this)
   * xbase no longer provides X11R6 or xbaseR6 virtual packages
   * xserver-* no longer have extensions compiled in by default.
     Instead the extensions are provided as dymanically linked
     libraries in the xext package.
   * xserver-vga16 includes the XF86Setup program for graphical
     configuration of X servers
   * new xbooks package is extremely large; feedback on whether
     it is useful is required
   * parts of the current buglist have been cleared. More bugfixes
     to follow in version 3.2-1
 c086ae2962cf72973839f5f17ca808c7 890 x11 optional XFree86_3.2-0.dsc
 26859c79eedcce8c298ecb51f6fb5c2d 38064726 x11 optional XFree86_3.2.orig.tar.gz
 a130bec18ca3589958abcd02e1992b71 32776 x11 optional XFree86_3.2-0.diff.gz
 1241e7614db9d10fd957c4d470b878a0 610288 x11 optional xserver-8514_3.2-0_i386.deb
 6434ffcc7f612dbacff3cae7b997f9b2 683642 x11 optional xserver-agx_3.2-0_i386.deb
 554dd62afc9efad269ce0c156f52b7d1 670786 x11 optional xserver-mach32_3.2-0_i386.deb
 24e5dc0b2cae4962426d60f1f1926e36 713696 x11 optional xserver-mach64_3.2-0_i386.deb
 09daac8b38c35e03ae63fd7f1d79d827 614174 x11 optional xserver-mach8_3.2-0_i386.deb
 140396e617e8f5066afb610cf6d7077b 649426 x11 optional xserver-mono_3.2-0_i386.deb
 39e5125b3c6016f0037f75896739fe8a 689422 x11 optional xserver-p9000_3.2-0_i386.deb
 f0328d8a7e52448c33c07b775cb02776 862832 x11 optional xserver-s3_3.2-0_i386.deb
 dd467f26399ebc8935326bd6cfd5dc11 765344 x11 optional xserver-s3v_3.2-0_i386.deb
 18163afb25c1137c6613411cf14e2bc4 935350 x11 optional xserver-svga_3.2-0_i386.deb
 3126d4744a3680ada2e52548d3e29704 1106326 x11 optional xserver-vga16_3.2-0_i386.deb
 305dd922d9ee682bf780666c47fd5ffb 624070 x11 optional xserver-w32_3.2-0_i386.deb
 938f2dacc8240c2566e5a3f0e3083ad8 2027180 x11 optional xbase_3.2-0_i386.deb
 ab19341d565f6297cd698030754ccdfe 529024 x11 optional xlib6-dev_3.2-0_i386.deb
 a5f6d9cf4a737bffcf648403fbab88af 393680 x11 optional xext_3.2-0_i386.deb
 a05a89cc3226117efd17d04620acefa0 688698 x11 optional xlib6_3.2-0_i386.deb
 d0b2579a7536e05e53428f771c5db566 776276 x11 optional xnest_3.2-0_i386.deb
 9ff55f1a7b4bc4dc9fc7e8f48d760d81 804134 x11 optional xslib_3.2-0_i386.deb
 a47774de33c80c4286eccd8943e3425b 266374 x11 optional xfntbase_3.2-0_all.deb
 7d8750b21519c7dcd1122f5f62d7f77b 3070500 x11 optional xfntbig_3.2-0_all.deb
 e452e392ca772c77541a5bca0fb5db5f 1355422 x11 optional xfnt75_3.2-0_all.deb
 845865b2cbf5ccda82165807dbc80a25 1632024 x11 optional xfnt100_3.2-0_all.deb
 42dfea1e12f2b37bceefbc0ebd7e3145 12424 x11 optional xfntpex_3.2-0_all.deb
 ad078b63c86d2e34e07f15a2c0199fa9 1128244 x11 optional xfntscl_3.2-0_all.deb
 7e9da326eb1e14914c1e4e9a71a1eca2 499664 x11 optional xfntcyr_3.2-0_all.deb
 349ca1638db1a682074e413072d2e07b 14588186 x11 optional xbooks_3.2-0_all.deb
 d8f768f95b9835bb2dea9872715f6941 883298 x11 optional xmanpages_3.2-0_all.deb

Version: 2.6.2i


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