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Re: guavac_0.2.5-2 Upload.

'Vincent Renardias wrote:'
>Format: 1.5
>Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 00:19:19 +0100
>Source: guavac
>Binary: guavac
>Architecture: source i386
>Version: 0.2.5-2
>Distribution: unstable
>Urgency: low
>Maintainer: Vincent Renardias <vincent@waw.com>
> guavac     - A java compiler.
> guavac (0.2.5-2) unstable; urgency=low
> .
>   * Changed priority of the package.
>   * Removed bogus dependancy.
>   * Cosmetic changes in debian/* files.
>   * Moved copyright file to the right location.
> 123f7b10ff7362039bdfdb97d0d258a7 603 devel extra guavac_0.2.5-2.dsc
> d34df4e0b7a05d4b9597f94ef15c87fe 13522 devel extra guavac_0.2.5-2.diff.gz
> bafbe11f0f2d59d071da0b928fd67532 624122 devel extra guavac_0.2.5-2_i386.deb

What was wrong with the "optional" priority?  From the Debian Policy
manual Section

          This is all the software that you might reasonably want to install
          if you didn't know what it was or don't have specialised
          requirements. This is a much larger system and includes X11, a    
          full TeX distribution, and lots of applications.                  

          This contains packages that conflict with others with higher  
          priorities, or are only likely to be useful if you already know   
          what they are or have specialised requirements.                   

I think it's reasonable to include a Java compiler in optional.

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