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Uploading gpm 1.06-2 (General Purpose Mouse Interface)

Good day folks,

I'm happy to present the new package of gpm.  This package provides
two Debian package: the gpm program and separately a shared library
(or not shared on a.out systems) that is used e.g. for mc.

-- Begin Changes --

Date: 1 Jul 96 15:07:49 UT
Format: 1.5
Distribution: unstable
Binary: gpm
Source: gpm
Architecture: source i386
Version: 1.06-2
 Maintainer: Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.north.de>
Description: General Purpose Mouse Interface
 This package provides a daemon that listens to the mouse when the
 console is displayed, and delivers them to applications.  It also
 provides a shared library that may be linked to your application.
 The default when no application is running is to emulate
 "selection", i.e. allow cut-and-paste with the mouse on the
 console the same way as under X.
 An Emacs lisp file is provided to use the mouse in emacs, when
 emacs is running on the console.
Priority: Routine
 07297086f5bbab2f463700db587bee89 3861 misc - gpm-1.06-2.diff.gz
 90566ac84b8a3f8280994debee5a64ac 143044 misc - gpm-1.06-2.i386.deb
 c19f18bd2be37ada1cbf80ad2375b192 183799 misc - gpm-1.06-2.tar.gz
 b45c98e3b993c0a5c65094c5fc23fcee 50506 misc - libgpm1-1.06-2.i386.deb
 * built two packages

-- End Changes --

Have a pleasant beginning of the week,


PS: As usual first in ftp.infodrom.north.de in /pub/people/joey/debian/

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 / http://www.debian.org/       http://www.infodrom.north.de/~joey/
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