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Heads-up: debian-cd changes


I'm contacting you a little in advance of an upcoming debian-cd upload,
as the only debian-cd rev-dep. There were many changes lately, to add
non-free-firmware support, which might have side-effects. I haven't
documented them yet (debian/changelog), and we haven't performed a real
review of those changes, or full image builds, but that's coming up soon
for the upcoming d-i release.

One big change is a heavy reorganization regarding LOCAL/LOCALDEBS
support, clarifying the expected layout, etc. I think this might break
some existing setups, but it should be much clearer, apt should be
happier, etc. It's very likely to have been broken for a while (apt
becoming stricter over time), but maybe some old setups were still
working by accident…

Anyway, it seems like simple-cdd started using that feature back in 2005
(the only match is a debian/changelog entry from that time), but that
was dropped in 2015, via:

I thought I'd drop you a note anyway.

Another change that might have side effects is making sure dep11
metadata files are present, so that we can generate metadata for
hw-detect to use, helping it detect which firmware packages are needed.
Without this change, we might have missed that some metadata was lacking
in the archive… but maybe this is going to make simple-cdd users' life
harder… That being said, this should happen when FORCE_FIRMWARE is set,

Finally, the big one: we have NONFREE and NONFREE_COMPONENTS now, with
NONFREE_COMPONENTS initially set to "non-free non-free-firmware", and
with firmware packages moving to n-f-f, it only lists the latter now.

Until a proper debian/changelog for debian-cd is written, I hope both
README and comments in CONF.sh are sufficient.

Sorry I didn't think of simple-cdd sooner. Lots of moving pieces…

Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org)            <https://debamax.com/>
D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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