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Re: Weekly testing is same as a week ago, it seems

Mike, et al,

> Hi all,
> I did these compares...
> cmp deb\ testing-2023-01-23/debian-testing-amd64-BD-1.jigdo deb\ testing-2023-01-30/debian-testing-amd64-BD-1.jigdo
> cmp deb\ testing-2023-01-23/debian-testing-source-BD-1.jigdo deb\ testing-2023-01-30/debian-testing-source-BD-1.jigdo
> cmp deb\ testing-2023-01-23/debian-testing-i386-BD-1.jigdo deb\ testing-2023-01-30/debian-testing-i386-BD-1.jigdo

> and they came back identical.  It seems last week may be the same as this week.
> -Mike

Confirmed.  And the 2023-02-06 builds failed too.  E.g.:

All six failed build logfiles end (prematurely) with:
        read_file '.disk/base_components' - open: No such file or
directory at /home/debian-cd/build.bookworm/debian-cd/tools/make_disc_trees.pl
line 904.
        make[1]: *** [Makefile:487: image-trees] Error 2
        make[1]: Leaving directory

These errors were generated by debian-cd's tools/make_disc_trees.pl:
        903   my $base_components = ".disk/base_components";
        904   my @components = read_file($base_components);

Many fixes and improvements were made to the debian-cd package in Jan 2023.

That's as much as I can figure out.

Daniel Lewart
Urbana, Illinois

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