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hello debian-cd,
I really hope you are doing well.

We operate from our 3,500 sqm/37,673 sq ft engineering facility in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, China. We continually invest in the most advanced 5-Axis and CNC engineering machinery. We use the latest CAD, SOLIDWORKS, Pro ENGINEER and UG software which allows us to manufacture highly complex precision components to tight deadlines. Dowse can produce bespoke one-off components, or manufacture larger batch requirements.
We also have own injection room that can provide you one-stop service.
Our principle:  Creates value, pursues excellence.
Our     aim:  High quality; quick speed, low price.
Our   vision:  The same products, but cheaper price;
              The same price, but better quality;
              The same quality, but better service. 
Please try to reply to this email directly.

Please let me know if you have any queries for mold or molding, assembly, painting, as well as printing. I will quote you as soon as possible!
Actually, I was looking forward to receiving your mail!
Good luck!  -  Yarelli.Scurfield


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