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Re: buster EOL (10.13) and 11.5 planning

Hey Adam!

On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 05:09:52PM +0100, Adam Barratt wrote:
>Use of buster-security will pass from the Security Team to LTS in a few
>days time, so we should get the EOL point release organised. We need at
>least a couple of weeks to get things sorted, so as some suggestions:
>- August 20
>- [August 27 doesn't work for at least me and the Images Team, so nope]
>- September 3rd
>- September 10th

August 20th or September 10th work best for me, with a slight
preference for the latter so we have as much time as possible for shim
signing in the two releases. I can do September 3rd at a push, but
it will be difficult for me to commit to a double release that weekend
as I have plans on Sunday 4th.

>We're currently only 3 weeks past the 11.4 bullseye point release, but
>that was also about 6 weeks late. It's therefore worth considering
>whether we want to try and get 11.5 out sooner and get back onto the
>previous track, or delay it a little more and aim for every two months
>from 11.4's release date.
>tl;dr - please indicate your availability / preferences for the above
>dates (for both 10.13 and 11.5) and any opinions on whether we should
>do them at the same time or separately.

Happy to do a double release on 20/08 or 10/09, or a single release or

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