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Re: Live System images and Pure Blends

El 24/7/22 a las 13:02, Stefan Kropp escribió:
# Rescue Disk Image

An image for a live system to rescues a broken system. It may
have a set of useful tool, but may not have a X-Server. Powerful
editor, maybe also gnu compilers and manpages and screen / tmux.

This is not just a 'small' Rescue Disk Image this will be a real
powerful Debian system (without X).

1) What you describe (with gnu compilers and manpages) seems work like a Developer edition Image more than a Rescue Disk Image.

2) It's true as Roland Clobus says that there are some Debian-derivatives doing a good job.
GRML, MXLinux and Rescatux (This is my own project ;) .) are some of them.

3) Rescatux is a Rescue Disk Image with a graphical UI (by design). ( https://www.rescatux.org )

3.1) So once I manage to push all of my improvements to Debian live-build and live-boot I might be able to work on something similar to Rescatux by creating a: live-task-rescue-graphical meta-package. I plan to upgrade Rescatux so that it's based on Bookworm before Bookworm is frozen/released (with the associated patches that I might send to improve live-build and live-boot). So you can discard me providing a live-task-rescue-graphical meta-package before Bookwrom is frozen/released.

3.2) Part of live-task-rescue-graphical would be submitting rescapp program to Debian so that it's an official package.
I already build myself as a Debian package.


If anyone is interested on doing this for Bookworm please contact me.

4) If you want to work on a live-task-rescue package please check the current package selection for Rescatux just in case it's useful for you:


Currently I'm focused on adding multi-vendor Secure Boot support for Super Grub2 Disk (another of my projects) so it may take a while till I interact with you guys regarding live-build and live-boot.


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