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Time to drop win32-loader ?

Hello there,
(please CC me on replies, I'm not on these lists)

(live from the d-i/debian-cd BoF)

as some of you likely remember, win32-loader is shipped on d-i and debian-cd 
images, and is added in autorun.inf for automated launch on Windows machines, 
when USB/CDs are plugged in. What it does is allow a machine booted in Windows 
to download a d-i image, put a grub image and d-i in C:/debian-installer, and 
fiddle with the (old?) Windows bootloader to allow selection of d-i upon 
reboot. It either works from the image, or downloading stuff from internet.

I haven't checked (as I don't have access to Windows machines...), but I'm 
quite confident that the Windows Bootloader fiddling is quite unlikely to work 
on modern (Secure Boot ?) machines.

That brings two sides of the question:
* should it still be shipped on amd64 netinsts, CD's, other images?
* should it still be offered on the mirrors ?
  on https://deb.debian.org/debian/tools/win32-loader/stable/
  (where it lands via dak's byhand handling upon uploads; but is manually 
  moved by ftp-master on migrations and release days)

(I orphaned win32-loader back in September, and it still doesn't have an 
official maintainer; but I'd be happy to work towards ditching it away :-P)


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