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Bug#1011343: WISHLIST: Offical ALL-IN-ONE images?


Zhang Boyang wrote:
> All OK! Thank you again :)

So as far as we two are concerned, it seems we have a candidate for

Currently it only goes into the GNU xorriso tarball, which is not src of
any Debian package. I could put it into the libisoburn tarball. But as
it is specific to debian-cd ISOs (not even to debian-live ones) i think
it should go into debian-cd (with a copy in GNU xorriso, which already
has libjte as Debian specialty).

Nevertheless, most important would be to offer it as plain text download
for those who have a shell and downloaded ISOs. If it were only available
as Debian package then it would not help those who still have to become
Debian users.
A cool place would be the download pages
and mentioning in their *SUMS files.

Have a nice day :)


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