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Bug#1011343: WISHLIST: Offical ALL-IN-ONE images?


i tested merging of /firmware directories with barely sufficently
from aborted jigdo-lite runs.

All files which are reported as being only in CUSTOM(all-in-one) by
are listed by xorriso as present in the emerging ISO, of which i
suppressed the actual production out of storage space reasons.

So if the next diff between self-made CUSTOM(all-in-one) and merged.iso
shows again missing files in /firmware, i have to ask for full listings
of the /firmware trees in DLBD-1, DLBD-2, CUSTOM(all-in-one), and
merged.iso .

About my shortcuts with download and ISO non-production:

I waited with aborting jigdo-lite just long enough until the first
downloaded packages caused the inflation of the .template file
to .iso.tmp. The directory tree and the management files are then
already present, whereas the packages' content is mostly waiting for
being filled in.

Further i modified the xorriso run to end by
  -find /firmware -- -rollback_end
so that no ISO emerges but only the content of the planned /firmware
directory is shown before the program ends.

(I would go further. But the production of CUSTOM(all-in-one) via
debian-cd is out of my reach, given the section "ABOUT MIRROR" in message
#115. So the effort to complete the download and to produce a merged.iso
would bring no benefit for now.)

Have a nice day :)


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