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Bug#1004273: cdimage.debian.org: Translation-en(.bz2) missing from 'testing' DVD images

Package: cdimage.debian.org
Severity: normal

Dear Maintainer,

This issue possibly involves package 'debian-cd' or the package repository.
It appears similar issues have been reported in relation to apt/mirroring,
but I didn't find an existing bug record specific to .iso images.

The jigdo-dvd images of the current (bookworm) testing distribution don't
contain files dists/.../i18n/Translation-en.bz2. This also affects other
media types. Translation-??.bz2 files for other languages are present.

This file contains the full English package descriptions used by the
package system, and Packages.gz only contains single-line summary
descriptions. This obviously impacts usability and package discovery.

On snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/..., the respective dists/.../i18n
directories for sid and prior releases do contain this file; bookworm
contains Translation-en.xz but .bz2 for other languages.

According to the 'debian-cd' description, this package is used to create
these image files, presumably from the main repository. In its file
'tools/make_disc_trees.pl', only Translation-*.bz2 appears to be handled.
I conjecture that because of this, other language files stored as .bz2
are copied, but English is not because its format is .xz.

Possible fixes (depending on how this is supposed to work):
(1) Make Translation-en.bz2 available in the repository, or
(2) Change debian-cd tools to use Translation-*.[gx]z if .bz2 not present
    - Use .xz if package tools support it and .xz decompression is deemed
      to have acceptable CPU/memory cost, or
    - Recompress Translation-* files to another format (e.g. .bz2)


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