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Re: non-free firmware unofficial BD jigdo files missing


Steve McIntyre wrote:
> We don't provide firmware-included
> versions of every media type, just netinst and DVD.

sp007@caiway.net wrote:
> > Perhaps you can give me the link with info how to make my own files
> > *.jigdo & *.template

> For that, you'll need a full local mirror and use debian-cd.

How about adding the firmware files to an existing BD ISO by means of
xorriso ?

  xorriso -indev debian-11.2.0-amd64-DLBD-1.iso \
          -outdev my-firmware-11.2.0-amd64-DLBD-1.iso \
          ... add firmware files at suitable position in ISO tree ... \
          -boot_image any replay \
          ... jigdo production options ...

or like in
(without removing the jigdo options, of course).

How difficult would it be to use such added firmware when the ISO is
booted ?
(I remember that, a few years ago, some Debian ISO had an appended
partition for storing firmware files, which were to be used when the ISO
was booted from a USB stick.)

I offer help with the xorriso part. But the Debian installer part would
need other experts.

Have a nice day :)


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