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Bug#991141: possible fix

It seems that debian-cd (re)builds its own efi.img and doesn't
add the dtbs but only the EFI/ subdirectory from the d-i

This might fix the problem, please take it with a grain of salt
because I was unable to actually test it. I've tried the
commands by hand though.

diff --git a/tools/boot/bullseye/boot-arm64 b/tools/boot/bullseye/boot-arm64
index d954dff3..7c55d408 100755
--- a/tools/boot/bullseye/boot-arm64
+++ b/tools/boot/bullseye/boot-arm64
@@ -84,9 +84,11 @@ cat cdrom/debian-cd_info.tar.gz | (cd boot$N/; tar zx)
 if [ -d boot$N/grub ] ; then
     echo "  Adding EFI boot code for $ARCH on CD$N"

-    # Move GRUB files to the right place.
+    # Move GRUB and DTB files to the right place.
     mkdir -p $CDDIR/EFI/boot
     mcopy -n -s -i boot$N/grub/efi.img '::efi/*' $CDDIR/EFI
+    mkdir -p $CDDIR/dtb
+    mcopy -n -s -i boot$N/grub/efi.img '::dtb/*' $CDDIR/dtb
     mkdir -p $CDDIR/boot/grub
     mv boot$N/grub/* $CDDIR/boot/grub/
     rmdir boot$N/grub


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