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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

Hi all,

On 24-04-2021 00:41, Donald Norwood wrote:
> Indeed, from this and the last few posts in the discussion it reads that
> perhaps June is the better option for the 'timed' ready when ready
> release date.

The progress of fixing the blocking issues in the debian-installer is
good enough to start thinking again about a tentative bullseye release
date (see for more details in the quote below). Assuming all goes well
with RC2 and RC3, we'd be looking at the following candidate release dates:

26 June
3 July
10 July
17 July
24 July

Can you let us know which date work for you and which don't?

> I think it would allow for extra care to be given in the areas needed
> and would as Paul suggested allow the larger community to pull
> together to help resolve some of the issues.

The installer team needs everybody's help to test the d-i release
candidates, to see if the issues that are being solved now are handled
correctly across as many different machines as possible. If anybody has
better ideas than the wiki page that kibi suggested in his e-mail below,
then let us know. Otherwise I'll probably see if I can set up something
like that shortly.


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Date: Fri, 28 May 2021 02:10:14 +0200
From: Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org>


Right, I think I have a better grasp on where we stand. I haven't dug
into each and every mail from debian-boot@, but it feels like people are
generally happy with the installer in RC1 *provided* they don't run into
the graphical installer hangs or issues at reboot time (due to firmware

I have a few other topics that we may want to fix (serial console on
s390x, problems on PowerPC, support for HTTPS, etc.) but that could be
fixed in 11.1 or 11.n…

Hangs in the graphical installer should be under control, even if it
took quite some time and iterations and testing to figure that out for
real. Firmware stuff is the next big item on my list.

I've floated the idea of an RC2 in the next few days so that people
could test the installer without fearing the hangs (and hopefully
without finding new ones) but was waiting on linux to migrate, but some
security issues came up and Salvatore would like to get 5.10.40 into
testing instead, so it might be ready by next week-end (June 5-6)?

I should be able to work on firmware stuff while waiting on the kernel
to be ready. I'm mainly worried about the many hardware setups out there
and having something that works for some machines locally might not be
representative of what users are going to face.

Provided I get a PoC ready in the right timing, and debian-cd people
are available, we might be able to have something like the following:
 - RC2: June 5-6 (fixing hangs in graphical installer in particular)
 - RC3: June 12-13 (firmware PoC)

The RC2 announcement (and maybe some help from publicity team) could be
the right place to let people know we expect problems with firmware, and
ask them to keep an eye on the RC3 that should feature an attempt at
fixing it. Maybe setting up some wikipage where people could register
their hardware and what they experience with the “stock” RC2, and where
they could follow up with their experience with the “patched” RC3. There
might be better tools for that, but I'm more used to pinging a submitter
(or two or three) on a bug report than to collecting info from lots of

If feedback from RC3 is good enough, we might call that RC sufficient to
be the installer for 11.0, and think about a release by the end of June.
We could refine it further still, e.g. by merging translation updates as
what I have in mind would involve presenting users some information,
which would require translation, but that's just a matter of uploading
the right package with new/updated po files (the hard part is getting
the actual translations, but we could think of merging those again in
11.1, 11.2, etc.).

All that is rather optimistic (which I can try to be sometimes…), 
and I
fear we might need to iterate a little, and I'm not sure how quickly
we would get actionable feedback from users… If we were to hit real
difficulties, maybe shift that “end of June” a few weeks, 
and call that


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