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Re: Tentative summary of the AMD/ATI/NVidia issue

Lucas Nussbaum writes:
> It looks like the three open paths for resolution are:
> A) understand and restore the behaviour from Debian 10, that is, get X
> to work in a degraded mode after installation. How it worked with Debian
> 10 (and why it doesn't with Debian 11) is unknown.
> B) In the installer, detect that firmware-amd-graphics or
> firmware-misc-nonfree should be installed, and either install it (?),
> or redirect the user to the unofficial installer that includes them.
> C) Do nothing and document this in the release notes

There is at least also

D) Install (non-free) firmware and include it in official install media.

I don't think degraded operation (just vesa, no sound, no wifi, known
issues in microcode, ...) will continue to be an attractive option.
So maybe we should revisit whether we should just include firmware; I
wanted to suggest so at least for Bookworm.


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