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Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date

[I'm quite behind on list mail in general, and tend to use the BTS for
tracking / processing SRM work. Direct mail often works better than
waiting for me to notice list mail]

On Wed, 2021-04-21 at 21:19 +0200, Paul Gevers wrote:
> I've seen replies from Steve for CD, from Donald for Press and Cyril
> for d-i. Can you please let us know if/when you're available?
> May  1 CD, Press
> May  8 CD, Press
> May 15 CD
> May 22 CD, Press
> May 29 (CD)
> [d-i: the later the better]
> Seems like our current best option is May 22 if you can make it.

I'm likely to be away for the long weekend at the end of the May (29-
31) and can't guarantee my availability or access to useful
connectivity then. The other dates should currently work for me.



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