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Re: D-I on i386 live ISO can't mount squashfs

On Mon, 2021-03-29 at 20:16 +0200, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> The problem seems to be that no loop module is available, so the squashfs 
> can't be loop-mounted from the file on the installer medium. Did the 
> loop-modules-4.19.0-16-686-di package get lost somewhere?

Update:  Steve McIntyre spent some time on IRC helping to debug this.
The problem is "Low Memory" mode getting too aggressive kicking out components
from the RAM FS, including that loop module.  We found a low-mem menu that is
supposed to load and keep that module (and others) but it doesn't seem to be
working correctly right now.  I even anna-install'ed the module again from the
network on one attempt, but the installer couldn't find it anymore.

Just to be clear, we are talking here about trying to use the text-mode
installer from the boot menu of a buster debian-live ISO image.
I'm trying to take a look at the lowmem code now.

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