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Re: isorecorder


Pete Batard wrote:
> Yes, as we've discussed elsewhere, that is pretty much my point.

That's why i summarized the results of our wiggling and fitting with
Ubuntu ISO development.

> symlinks [...] will of course not translate to FAT [...]

Duh. I forgot that aspect in my summary.
So its proposal part should be:
Both approaches are combinable:
- Have all EFI equipment as directory tree in the ISO filesystem. I.e.
  not only as image file or as appended partition.
- Make sure that the installation works without name conflicts from a
  filesystem with sloppy naming rules and without symbolic links.
  I.e. from FAT.

As Pete pointed out in the Ubuntu discussions, name length is not
restricted to 8.3. Nevertheless very long package names can cause truncation
which might become a problem if two names get truncated to the same text,
or if truncation implies mangling to avoid such collisions.

Have a nice day :)


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