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Re: isorecorder


The7up originally wrote:
> ... > It looks like isorecorder not available since a while ago. May I
> ... > remove it from the list in w.d.o/faq/CD index page?
> ... > At the same time, rufus (https://rufus.ie/ [rufus.ie]) should be
> ... > mentioned as a great app on Windows to make bootable usb stick from
> ... > iso (GNU licensing, source code available on GitLab)

Lou Poppler wrote:
> > > If you want to recommend rufus, please do so ONLY with a prominent, 
> > > un-ignoreable warning explaining that the user MUST select rufus'
> > > "DD mode" at the prompt immediately before writing the media.

i wrote:
> > I understand that manual selection of this mode has been removed in
> > favor of automatic detection of dd candidates:
> >   https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/issues/1148#issuecomment-395562137

Lou Poppler wrote:
> I corresponded with rufus's author Pete Batard, including some logs from
> #debian discussing my testing of rufus, and he kindly returned a lengthy
> response to my email.

On Thu, 1 Oct 2020, Pete Batard <pete@akeo.ie> wrote:
> > > > Now the one thing that might have thrown this user off is that Rufus 
> > > > always prompts to download these components BEFORE it asks to choose 
> > > > between ISO and DD mode,

Then i misunderstood that GitHub issue post from 2018.

So yes, the urge to use DD mode should be very visible within the advise
to copy a Debian amd64, i386, or arm64 ISO flatly to an USB-Stick.

I know that Pete Batard prefers other methods. But the flat copy is what
our ISOs strive for on the first hand.

Pete Batard wrote:
> > > > DD-mode image writing does often throw 
> > > > Windows people off, as they think that their drive has been reduced in 
> > > > size to just the ESP since Windows will not mount the main, larger 
> > > > installation partition.

I wonder whether that problem is resolved by the new layout of Ubuntu 20.10
which is a GPT variation of my proposals for debian-cd:

To my theory, the unwillingness of MS-Windows to show the ISO partition of
the current Debian ISO layout is in its partition type 0x00, which is
needed to keep the nested MBR partition layout legal for EFI.
My proposed layout without nested partitions makes it possible to have
a conventional partition type for the ISO partition or to use a GPT instead
of an MBR partition table.

Have a nice day :)


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