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Re: isorecorder

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 02:37:27PM +0100, The7up wrote:
> Hi!
> It looks like isorecorder not available since a while ago. May I remove it
> from the list in w.d.o/faq/CD index page?
> At the same time, rufus (https://rufus.ie/) should be mentioned as a great
> app on Windows to make bootable usb stick from iso (GNU licensing, source
> code available on GitLab).
> Please cc me on the answer, I'm not a member of this list, but you can find
> me on debian-www.
> Zibi

Isorecorder _is_ available but not reliably. When I was trying to pick up the 
failures in http resolution, it was there sometimes and not others. It's only 
supported for Windows versions prior to version 8. 
Probably a good thing to remove but it needs to be removed everywhere it 
occurs: I'd be quite happy to go through and do this

Rufus on the other hand _was_ problematic in the past and w32diskimager works.

Andy C.

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