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Re: Pulling free firmware-ath9k-htc into the CD images

I've committed a rudimentary udeb in Git at

for which I would appreciate feedback. Does the d-i freeze coming up in a
couple weeks mean this may not clear NEW in time for Bullseye?

If so, no biggie. Here's the gist of what it installs:

The 1.dev.0 file names make it so that firmware-nonfree can be coinstalled
without any changes. The modprobe options, which should hopefully be honored
by the installer image, just sets
	options ath9k_htc use_dev_fw=1
so it finds the firmware with the alternate filename.

A release of the firmware package (no udeb) was released a couple days ago
and should land in Bullseye shortly, so just let me know if the udeb looks
suitable for upload; sponsorship would be appreciated.

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