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Re: Debian install DVD-1 is missing basic API packages

On Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 11:51:29PM +0100, Debian József wrote:
> Debian dvd-1 has shit ton of bloat but missing important packages such as libasound2-dev which was placed on the dvd-2 for some reason. I dont know who was the trained monke who created this shit but if he has no clue about how even the most basic things work in linux, then he should probably give his position to a blue haired social justice warrior landwhale because even she would make less disaster than these install discs. 
If you have a network connection: everything is an apt command away.

If you don't have a network connection: the packages are approximately ordered
by size and popularity to fit DVDs.

If you have a network connection and can use jigdo, use the 16GB jigdo image
which will give you more than the first DVDs on one USB stick.

The person leading the debian images team has only been doing this for >20 
years so would welcome your expertise to assist if you feel able to help.

Andy C

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