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Re: Release status of i386 for Bullseye and long term support for 3 years?


Quoting Russ Allbery (2020-12-14 23:54:37)
> > The point I'm making is that i386 processors are still incredibly common,
> > and we shouldn't abandon their users.
> Not abandoning users is a powerful motivating force, but it still has to
> succeed in motivating people.  Debian can't make a decision on the basis
> of not abandoning users.  We have to make a decision on the basis that
> someone is volunteering to do the work.  Perhaps they're volunteering to
> do that work so that we're not abandoning users, and that's great, but
> that additional step is important.
> I think it's therefore useful in this sort of thread to be very clear
> whether your conclusion is "and therefore I am volunteering to do the work
> to keep i386 alive" or whether your conclusion is "and therefore I am
> asking other people to volunteer to keep i386 alive," and be aware that
> the latter may not be successful because volunteer time is a limited
> resource and there are many worthy things that we could all be working on
> to make the lives of users better.
> If we can confirm that the volunteer resources are there, we can ask what
> they need from the rest of the project to be successful.

I cannot donate my time (I'm also lacking the skill) but I'm willing to put my
money somewhere if it means to keep i386 alive for longer. I privately own
perfectly working old hardware that I would hate to send to the landfill just
because software support is ending.  Should i386 be discontinued I should
probably only keep using the hardware in a separate network disconnected from
the internet but that would make the hardware much less useful.

If somebody could direct me to organizations or people who just need financial
support to keep i386 alive, that would be great. In the light of a planet with
limited resources, I think it's worth my money to help keeping old hardware
around and avoid the waste of resources and energy that manufacturing new
equipment incurs.


cheers, josch

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