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Bug#963469: cdrom: /dev/sr0 scanned on and on for no visible reason


I am not aware of a package that is in charge for drive behavior.
libburn or kernel are near the hardware. But i don't see this as libburn
problem and for now not as a kernel problem either.

It is unusual that an empty DVD drive makes noises, except when the tray
was freshly loaded and the drive has a look whether there is a medium.
So even if there is a process which periodically tries to read from the
drive, this should be a silent thing.

My first suspicion would be that the drive has problems to recognize media.
- Does the drive still read DVDs ?
- Do you see system log messages around the times when the drive is active ?
- Does the noise happen while the computer is under control of its firmware
  (BIOS or EFI) waiting for some user input (e.g. in a setup screen) ?

A bit far fetched:
What text output do you get from a xorriso run with SCSI log while no medium
is in the drive ?

  xorriso -scsi_log on -outdev /dev/sr0 >/tmp/xorriso_sr0.log 2>&1

The resulting file xorriso_sr0.log normally has 300 to 500 lines, which is
probably too long for a bug report. So send it to scdbackup@gmx.net in
private. I will then send my assessment to this bug report.

Have a nice day :)


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