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How can I make the Debian non-free image with drivers?

There are Linux distributions that are based on Debian.
I like Debian. And I don't want to use other distributions.
But every time you install, users are faced with driver issues.
For example, my virtual machine doesn't work correctly with Debian due to the lack of drivers.
We know about this image:
But as I understand it, in any case, this doesn't include all drivers.
I support Debian, but I'm not a fan of free software.
I'd like to create an image that:
1) Will contain all possible drivers, or will load it depending on the device;
2) Will include non-free repositories.
I can configure my system, no problem. But I'm blind, and it will be difficult for me to do this if, for example, the audio driver isn't found.
How can I make such an image?
Thanks in advance!

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