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register new mirror


We would like to sign up for a new mirror for Debian-CD

HTTP: http://mirrors.nxthost.com/debian-cd
HTTPS: https://mirrors.nxthost.com/debian-cd
Rsync: rsync://mirrors.nxthost.com/debian-cd or mirrors.nxthost.com::debian-cd

Our public IPs are:
Our IPv4:
Our IPv6: 2a02:13f0:8200::b064:c4fe
We support: RSYNC, HTTP, HTTPS

Name of site maintainer: Catalin Chivulescu
Public e-mail of site maintainer: mirrors-update@nxthost.com
Country of site: Romania
Location of site (optional): Bucharest
Name of site sponsor (optional): nxtHost
URL of site sponsor (optional): https://www.nxthost.com

Thank you,

Catalin Chivulescu - NXTHOST

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