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Re: Missing fuse package in Xfce CD ISO


On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 12:30:31PM +0000, Sai Karthik wrote:
>The `fuse` package os missing the xfce-CD-1 iso both in weekly &
>stable iso's. Shipping it along with iso helps out of box support for
>appimages & probably other apps which depend on it.

There's a problem with tryint to add more things to the Xfce CD - it's
already getting very full. Just checking the logs from today's weekly
build, I can see that we're already close to dropping some of the
dependencies from task-xfce-desktop.

If you need extra packages, you'll have to either:

 (a) talk to the xfce team to tweak the package list;
 (b) add another source like a network mirror; or
 (c) use a bigger source medium

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