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Re: Live-Build a Multi Arch Debian ISO with live desktop

Thanks to the great tips from community, i was able to build a fully working custom ISO with live desktop. full multi Arch (32 and 64 bit support), UEFI support and working calamares Installer. The result can be seen here


 Only problem I have with the connman, which has a very different and non intuitive GUI. I disabled its service and installed Gnome network manager, however found it to be starting late after boot and unpredictable at times. 
Other than this , no complaints so far. 
Again all thanks to community and especially  jnqnfe@gmail.com for his great tip. Thanks Sir. 

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020, 22:36 GSM PakOS <gsm.pakos@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello dear Sir, I am trying to make a multi arch live ISO , With live lxqt desktop with my choice of software. Where can I find the base scripts for 
1. Building a multi arch ISO
2. A multi arch ISO with a live squashfs based file.

My debian respin named PakOS is available on 
However I build the whole thing by chrooting into the i386 squashfs, not an elegant solution. If a base script is available anywhere, please point me to.it. Thx. 


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