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Upcomming trouble with hybrid ISOs and libblkid


do the hybrid ISOs of debian-cd and debian-live depend on blkid properly
detecting the ISO 9660 filesystem on the base device (/dev/srN, /dev/sdX) ?
Does any other Debian software depend on this detection ?

If so, then trouble is at the horizon by

This causes Fedora ISOs to fail booting from /dev/srN
because the /dev/disk/by-label/ link is not created by udev.

The commit shall obviously heal a shortcomming of the old questionable
udev rule
  # for partitions import parent information
  ENV{DEVTYPE}=="partition", IMPORT{parent}="ID_*"
when it meets a USB stick with an ISO on the base device and a partition
which has no own filesystem.

The effect on /dev/srN is obviously unintended.
To my theory, libblkid detects the partition table on the DVD and bets
that the Linux kernel will create partition devices.
But with /dev/srN there will no partition devices be created.

I also expect grub-mkrescue ISOs to show no ISO 9660 at all, because
they get a MBR partition starting at disk block 1 in the BIOS-only case,
and a GPT with no ISO 9660 partition in the EFI-case.
The only way to access their ISO filesystems is via the base device.

The change is not yet in
Can we warn the maintainer in advance ?

Have a nice day :)


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