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Re: Adding sha256 support into jigdo tools (jigdo and jigit)


SONAME comes from libjte/configure.ac. Dunno from where libburn got the
slightly braindamaged way to compose it. From there it spread over the
other libraries. libjte is its youngest victim. Shrug.

The upstream revision "2.0.0" is not necessarily the .so suffix.
The macro values from libjte.h have to be reflected in AC_INIT().

-AC_INIT([libjte], [1.0.0], [http://www.libburnia-project.org])
+AC_INIT([libjte], [2.0.0], [... better URL ...])

The .so suffix should increase numerically from current 1.0.0.
But you are free to choose the SONAME.

If you want SONAME=1 (libjte.so.1.1.0, libjte1*.deb) then:


If you want SONAME=2 (libjte.so.2.0.0, libjte2*.deb) then:


Have a nice day :)


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