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Re: Adding sha256 support into jigdo tools (jigdo and jigit)


after finding
i now believe to understand that the new API call

  int libjte_set_checksum_algorithm(struct libjte_env *jte_handle,
                                    char *algorithm, int *size);

became necessary because in API call write_jt_header() the static function
parse_checksum_list() is called only conditionally. So you cannot rely on
it as detector of checksum type.

I ponder whether i should let xorriso detect or check the type in the
-md5-list file, depending on whether the checksum type was already
explicitely chosen.

Guessing that you added a new "aspect" case to Xorriso_jigdo_interpreter(),
i wonder what name you have chosen.
Obvious but also quite long would be "-checksum_algorithm_jigdo" or
"-checksum_algorithm_list" ("checksum_jigdo" or "checksum_list" in
native xorrisian).

Development by cliffhanger ... i need more popcorn.

Have a nice day :)


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