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Re: Adding sha256 support into jigdo tools (jigdo and jigit)

Hi Steve,

thank you very much for continuing to take care of jigdo! It's been a loong 
time since I actively worked on it. (Must have been ~2000 that I started 
creating it.)

I've updated my site to point to the URL you gave - does the text I used 
work for you?

I think given that I don't work on (or even provide support for) jigdo 
anymore I have no claim to be the "primary" site. Feel free to switch 
debian.org to your site once your page is up. Maybe consider adding an 
"honourable mention" link pointing to my old page! :-)

Cheers, and thanks again for keeping jigdo alive!


  __   ,
  | ) /|  Richard Atterer
  | \/ |  http://atterer.org

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