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Bug#941333: Wifi network detection during installation. Suggested improvement.

Right now you would get a "no network device found" / "no netwirk found" / "unable obtain an IP address" message.

Is this not sufficiant?

You are given the option to go back and try again. Please remember that it is also possible that no wifi device wiuld have been detected either.

Lets face it if you do happen to have a wifi adapter that has been detected (or you have loaded non free firmware for) and it does not detect the network AND offer you any other wifi ssid to pick from, then you are already going to notice that somthing isn't right.


On 28 September 2019 23:38:48 BST, Clinton H <49studebaker@gmail.com> wrote:
Package: cdrom

If no wifi networks are detected, could you display a "If using a
laptop, check that the manual wifi switch is set to ON." warning
message and then retry detecting wifi networks. If the manual wifi
switch is set to OFF, then wifi networks will not be detected.

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