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Bug#941332: Corrupt package during installation from CD ISO. Suggested improvements

Package: cdrom

During the "base install" of Debian from a CD ISO I got an error that
the vim package was corrupt. Could you do the following:

1) Add a "skip" package button. The installer could skip installation
of the package and then download and install the package after
installation of the OS. Display a warning message that the OS may be

2) Add a "retry" button. A user could download and save the package
and the correct folder structure to a separate cd or usb drive. The
installer would then install the non-corrupt package.

3) If the user selected a network connection that has internet access,
the installer could download and then install a replacement package.

If one package is corrupt, the user can not continue installation.
Downloading an entire new ISO is a waste of bandwidth, if one package
is corrupt.

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