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Four(4) problems, individually mentioned by three(3) emails

Teams Debian CD and Grub Development,

Dear Sirs,

Good morning, Sirs. Things are becoming complicated quickly and
getting out of hand. This is an introductory email. The following
emails shall address one(1) problem separately.

Reply ISN'T requested for this email.

I have essentially four(4) related problems, and need help to build
solutions for three(3) of them:

(1) Design a Loopback code to Boot Debian Live 9.11.0 with Legacy Grub2

(2) Design a Loopback code to Boot Debian Live 9.11.0 with the latest
Grub within that Live image, from either HDD or USB pendrive ISO (or
extracted files), and have a bootable HDD or Pen-drive.

(3) Use the above-created USB pendrive with Debian Live 9.11.0 ISO to
install Debian on different laptops without altering the HDD's MBR
that may have Windoze MBR.

(4) Upgrade legacy Grub2 Menu-list to the latest Grub Menu-list on
laptops already using various distros of Linux.

I need help in designing the code-lines for booting the Debian 9.11.0
Live DVD ISO or Debian extracted on pendrive or HDD.

I have posted my queries on Knoppix at the Knoppix forum here:

I am wary of posting this question on the Debian Forum as there are a
few trolls that disturb my discussions.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Rajib Bandopadhyay
A Debian and Knoppix user

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