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Bug#933299: isohybrid.pl should not be architecture dependent


>  I'll also look into whether we need both the perl
> script and the binary of "isohybrid"

If it is for functionality, then not.

If it is about portability, then only if isohybrid.c stays restricted to
the architectures which could boot via isolinux.bin.

If it is about backward compatibility to old scripts, then the name with
the suffix .pl would need to be kept.
The help text option list of .pl is a subset of the one of .c. The number
of dashes with long options differs. But the use of getopt_long_only(3)
in isohybrid.c compensates for this difference:
  $ /usr/bin/isohybrid.pl --entry 1 isolinux.iso
  Usage: /usr/bin/isohybrid.pl [options] filename.iso
  $ /usr/bin/isohybrid.pl -entry 1 isolinux.iso
  $ /usr/bin/isohybrid --entry 1 isolinux.iso
  $ /usr/bin/isohybrid -entry 1 isolinux.iso

Have a nice day :)


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