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Looking up for debian-30r0-i386-binary-{4,5,6,7}.iso files

Hi folks,

I'm trying to gather the old .0 releases of Debian for historic purposes. With the help of jigdo and https://snapshot.debian.org/ I've managed to build up a full set install media for every release from 'buster' back to 'sarge' but then I run into good old 'woody' and a lot of missing files from the debian-archive.

After snooping around the web with several search engines, I was able to find a couple of FTP sites from where it was possible to download the images needed for jigdo to finally complete the build up of the first three from the i386 architecture:


but for the next 4/7 to complete the set I've run out of luck. I saw on debian-cd list archives that a couple of years ago there was a guy who apparently had the full set but all the links in those e-mails doesn't exist anymore as he was going to put off-line his archive so here I am looking for someone out there who still keeps a copy of the first release of Debian 3.0r0 'woody'.

At the moment jigdo is complaining about:

debian-30r0-i386-binary-4.iso	--->	52 files missing
debian-30r0-i386-binary-5.iso	--->	57 files missing
debian-30r0-i386-binary-6.iso	--->	38 files missing
debian-30r0-i386-binary-7.iso	--->	53 files missing

Thanks a bunch for any help!


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