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Re: Building CD images including firmware


John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> But in the end, I get:
> libisofs: WARNING : Cannot add /debian to Joliet tree. Symlinks can only be
> added to a Rock Ridge tree.

This is normal, unavoidable, and harmless. All debian-cd runs will issue
this kind of message if symbolic links are present in the input trees.

Joliet is a separate superblock and directory tree mainly for use with
MS-Windows systems which cannot interpret the Rock Ridge info. Joliet
cannot represent symbolic links. So the symbolic links will be missing
when the ISO gets mounted on MS-Windows or with Linux mount option -o norock.

The Joliet tree is not supposed to be used during booting and installation.
Linux mounts the ISO 9660 / ECMA-119 tree with added Rock Ridge information
which can represent all Unix file types (plus long names, classic access
permissions, and other POSIX-ly things).

Have a nice day :)


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