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Bug#846006: debian-cd: please provide flavor/spin netinst image for Debian Edu

On Tue, Aug 07, 2018 at 12:40:09PM +0200, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> After looking up the installation process once again (both netinst and 
> BD image as of 2018-08-06), I noticed that the netinst image could be 
> considerably reduced in size; besides the kernel params only three udebs 
> seem to be needed in addition to the stock Debian netinst image, 
> everything else could be fetched from the network.

Thanks for your analysis and your patches, Wolfgang!

> So this might work:
> diff --git a/tasks/buster/debian-edu b/tasks/buster/debian-edu

I've done this change in debian-cd.git now, but as you said(?), this
will probably not be enough for the BD image, or will it?

Else we need to add them via tools/generate_debian-edu_task or probably
better via tasks/buster/Debian-edu-full

> As far as the BD image is concerned, the size has come considerably down 
> (< 3 GiB for both amd64 and i386). 


> Now all education-desktop-* packages 
> should be kept on the list, OTOH education-video could be excluded.
done in debian-cd.git

> There are some packages missing on the BD image; these should be pulled 
> in once newer binary packages from src:debian-edu and 
> src:debian-edu-install are available in testing.

ok. as you'll have seen, I've uploaded new versions of these packages to
sid today...

> Thanks for providing all these Debian Edu installation media!

I'm pretty happy about this too! blog-post pending...

Steve, do you think we could have Stretch Edu images too or is there
some problem (*besides* the non-free issue still present in Stretch
today, but I think we could fix this with a point release, see #474745
for details...)

The last half sentence is probably a note for myself, but the beginning
of that Paragraph is for Steve :) though this probably also means we'll
need to Stretch point releases until we'd have Edu Stretch images
again. (Our existing Stretch builds have been broken over time, also
because of the Alioth shutdown...)



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