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Re: Bug#846982: override: downgrade priority of all libraries to optional

Hi Cyril,

2018-01-20 14:14 GMT+01:00 Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org>:
> Just as a reminder, priority is archive-wise so we won't have that in
> unstable then in testing, right?

Normally overrides are changed for unstable, but are propagated to
testing during dinstall. If we have a look at a recent override change
(see #886053), we can notice exactly that:

projectb=> select o.package, s.suite_name as suite, p.priority
projectb-> from override o
projectb-> join suite s on s.id = o.suite
projectb-> join priority p on p.id = o.priority
projectb-> where o.package = 'libudev1'
projectb-> and o.type = (
projectb(>   select id
projectb(>   from override_type
projectb(>   where type = 'deb');
 package  |       suite       | priority
 libudev1 | wheezy-backports  | important
 libudev1 | oldstable         | important
 libudev1 | stable            | important
 libudev1 | jessie-backports  | important
 libudev1 | stretch-backports | important
 libudev1 | testing           | optional
 libudev1 | unstable          | optional
(7 rows)


> That being said, that looks reasonable enough; a bit curious as to which
> things might break, but let's do that, and we'll see…

Alright! Thanks both to you and Steve for the fast replies!


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