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Re: Debian Live CD as platform for debian-cd Jigdo download


i started a wiki page
  "Downloading Debian Jigdo ISOs by a Debian Live system"
and filled in my experiences about this task.

Help is needed to put some tangible info or examples into
I can only guess how a MS-Windows owner would make available the storage
for download.

Strangely i was not able to find any wiki pages which cover what i wrote
in the range of
It would shorten JigdoOnLive if i could point to a guide about getting
Debian Live, putting it on medium, and booting it.

I'd appreciate proof-reading, additions, criticism, streamlining, and
especially testing of the prescriptions i give (maybe with a CD image
instead of BD).
Please give me a note by mail if you make changes.

Have a nice day :)


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