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Re: Blueray Disk image


Luca wrote:
> Windows host=no jigdo

There is a link to

Vague alternative ideas:
- Install a small Debian in a virtual machine on some MS-Windows with
  network access and use it to assemble the ISOs by help of "jigdo-lite"
  from package "jigdo-file".
- Boot a Debian Live system, check for jigdo-lite being present, install
  "jigdo-file" if needed, mount a disk partition, and assemble the ISO there.

> Otherwise is there a sort of "online jigdo" in order to build a custom
> installation ISO with needed packages and related dependencies?

That would be the debian-cd software itself, i guess.
Somebody would have to donate the resources to create large ISOs on demand.
That's even more a load than offering a few BD sized static ISOs.
(And then one would have to make it ready to be operated remotely by
 possibly greedy users ...)

Have a nice day :)


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