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Distribution and sales with preinstalled Linux on computers


I'm made computers for customers but I hope I can begin with distribution of CD/DVD or/and USB stick from a new webshop we will start soon as possible. Our customers want to buy computer with preinstalled Linux and I wish to know how I can do it right and devilery with a recovery DVD/CD or USB stick or a recovery partition on harddrive.

I get more and more queston about Linux after more pepole wants software with good supporting of hardware and almost of all users use it to surf on Internet, play music on Spotify, Netflix, HBO Nordic and simular streaming of movie and music in they home.

I have equipment to make cd's but no advanced to made with logo in colors and inlays and covers with nice colors at this moment.


Lars Henrik Jensen
Møllefaret 28 D
0750 OSLO

Webpage will be avaiable in Norwegian and English languages soon as possible, my webdesigner is on work with the webpages.

ORGNR: NO 915 377 556

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